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Omega Laser Systems is one of the most respected names in laser therapy.. Omega laser are developed from continual clinical research by the industruies top experts designed to bring you the most advanced laser therapy devices available anywhere.


Stop Smoking with Laser Therapy -laser therapy for smoking cessation can offer your patients the drug-free way to kick the habit. Adopted by fortune 500 companies and worldwide by governments.

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The New Softlaser Plus, successor to the most successful softlaser ever, the Beurer Softlaser. All the features of the home use Beurer Softlaser and so much more including pulsed and continuous wave!


Our New BL-1100 LED Panel features 1,260 SLDs over three spectrums of light, red, blue and yellow for tremendous treatment flexibility. Its state of the art functions will have this device in constant use at your center.


SL 50 Evolution Cluster Laser - Our most advanced home use laser therapy system features two user selactable wavelengths, massage function, continuous otr pulsed operation and so much more in a hand-held laser treatment device.

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Support By the worlds Leading Professionals Our only business is laser therapy research, training and equipment. We are supported by the worlds most respected research team.


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Loose Weight at the speed of light - we can now bring you the finest weight loss laser therapy systems to provide your clients with weight loss alternatives. Proven highly effective and painless, for both clinical and, coming later this fall, our home weight loss laser.




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The Laser Therapeutics Strappy Laser - a highly advanced hands-free Laser therapy device developed for ease of use over a wide range of onditions. Laser Therapeutics leads the standard in developing laser therapy products and solutions.

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Infrared Pain Therapy LED - FDA cleared for pain relief at home , it helps aleviate pain by light therapy, stimulates cells, enhaunces blood circulation & strengthens tissues by using SLD light waves that penetrate into the body to relieve pain.

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Therapy Lasers are our ONLY business - At Laser Therapeutics we specialize in the finest laserl therapy devices supported by our on-site laser treatment training courses on the safe and effective use of laser therapy devices.


Our Haircare Lasers - Personal use laser therapy hair comb brush. Laser Therapeutics is your resource for todays latest laser technology for thinning hair and to stimulate hair growth.

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FDA Cleared -LED Acne Treatment Light is highly effictive in treating acne and restoring the skin to its blemish free condition with two spectrums of light, red for healing and blue for killing bacteria. Three models for acne treatment versatility


MediCom Laser Therapy systems features advanced computer-comtrolled laser therapy treatment protocols developed for ease of use and stored for easy recall in the MediCom Maestro internal data base    

Laser Therapy for Smoking Cessation

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Laser Therapeutics is proud to have been a part of the laser therapy research leading to publication of the article:

“Low level laser for the stimulation of acupoints for smoke cessation:   a double blind, placebo controlled randomized trial and semi-structures interviews”

Catherine M. Kerr
Paul B. Lowe
Neil I. Spielholz
Julie Foshay
Jessica Nelson

As published in The Journal of Chinese Medicine
Laser Therapeutics has filed for clearance utilizing laser therapy with the Omega Laser Systems XP low level laser for smoking cessation in the U.S. and is awaiting clearance from the FDA. Our proven system is now available elsewhere in the world. It has been adopted by Fortune 500 companies to treat their employees to increase production and reduce downtime while contributing to increased employee moral. See what companies such as Holland America Cruise Lines, Ford Motor Company, the Government of Quatar and so many others know - that it WORKS! Laser Therapeutics can arrange a complete stop smoking program for your clinic including assistance in setting up your center, on-site training in the use of the laser therapy and administration of the smoking protocol treatment, installation, furnishing, marketing and other exclusive services designed to assist you in all phases of your program. Please call Julie Foshay for more information at 001-978-335-5366.

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Laser Therapy…The Healing Energy and Power of Light

An Original Scientific Article:Low level laser for smoking cessation ~
Not only did the low level laser treatment result in smoking cessation, but the study participants that had the laser treatment did better in terms of their subjective withdrawal symptoms. ... read more

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