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Our newly released Evolution Fusion series of Class 3B Low Level Lasers are now approved for pain treatment under classification "ILY". They are feature-packed and come with everything you need for total treatment versatility. The Evolution Fusion is our most advanced Low Level Laser system ever developed. It has so many functions in addition to pain treatment such as non-invasive Lipo Laser, musculo-skeletal issues, smoking cessation, wrinkles, beauty and skin treatment, hair growth and more! It features 2 different laser wavelengths for treating all types of conditions.

Your clients can Stop Smoking with laser therapy. Health and Beauty has the appropriate IRB in place! Laser therapy for smoking cessation offers the highest rated, drug-free way to kick the habit. It has been adopted by fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide for one reason... BECAUSE IT WORKS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER METHOD ANYWHERE.

Omega Laser Systems is one of the most respected companies in laser therapy. Omega lasers are FDA cleared and are continually improved from on- going clinical research by the industries top experts and designed to bring you the most advanced laser therapy devices available anywhere

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The totally new Softlaser Plus represents the evolution of the most successful softlaser ever, the Beurer Softlaser.  It has alll the features of the home use Beurer Softlaser and so much more including pulsed and continuous wave mode, a true 635nm wavelength and a gentle massage feature which are now standard! SOLD OUT!  Preorder now for late 2017 delivery.

Our SL50 Evolution Softlaser, the most advanced home use laser therapy system features 12 laser diodes in both the 635nm and 830nm wavelengths, a soothing massage function, continuous and pulsed wave operation and so much more in a rechargable hand-held laser treatment device. Beauty, pain, skin and more! Now Shipping!

Selling quickly so order now.

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We are constantly conducting clinical studies and research supported by the worlds leading medical professionals such as Prof. Leonardo Longo, M.D., Dr. Julia Breur, Dr. Mary Dyson and many more laser therapy experts.. Our only business is laser therapy. We adhere to the higest standards and quality in laser research, training and equipment development . We are supported by the worlds most respected research scientists and laser engineers.

Loose inches at the speed of light! We now bring you the finest Evolution Fusion LipoLaser for inch and weight loss laser therapy. The procedure is non-invasive, highly effective and painless. In the U.S. IRB Participation is required.


Health and Beauty Inc, the only lasers you will ever need

The all-new FDA Cleared ReliveIR

Infrared Pain Therapy LED - FDA cleared for pain relief at home , it helps aleviate pain by light therapy, stimulates cells, enhaunces blood circulation & strengthens tissues by using SLD light waves that penetrate into the body to relieve pain.



LESS THAN 3 MONTHS LEFT UNTIL LASER FLORENCE 2017. PLEASE MAKE YOUR ARRANGEMENTS NOW! Health and Beauty is proud to supported Laser Florence. The 2017 Laser Florence Medical Laser Conference has been scheduled for November 9-11, 2017. Plan early to attend the highest rated scientific conference on laser therapy in the world... See you in Italy!
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Our Latest rechargable laser hair care brush is loaded with features and requires no battery replacement, It stimulates hair folicles promoting hair growth for fuller, more vibrant hair. Use it two to three times a week and you will start regenerating hair cells.

Our latest pain relief laser, the Pain Plus with all-new features INCLUDING OUR TWO LASER HEAD MODEL. Now easier to use, highly effective for pain relief and other conditions and with higher laser power and treatment options with more lasers at a lower price

Clinical Trials currently in process under Institutional Review Board oversight:

"The Use of Non-Invasive Class 3B Low Level Laser to Reduce Waist Circumference"Protocol 2015-02

"The Stimulation of Acupuncture Points with Low Level Laser Therapy for the Treatment of Smoking Addiction Protocol 2015-04

"Low level Laser Therapy for the Treatment of Pain" Protocol 2016-01

..and more developed exclusively for select clients.

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Stop smoking with laser therapy



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Find out what Holland America Cruise Lines, who have installed our stop smoking with laser smoking cessation program and equipment on every one of their cruise , and other Fshipsortune 500 companies such as Ford Motor Company know.......that our laser therapy equipment and Stop Smoking with Laser programs work!Higher productivity, less downtime, Higher employee Moral

Our Evolution Fusion Class 3B low level laser is feature-packed and offers total treatment versatility The Evolution Fusion is now approved for pain treatment under ILY. This allows you to use the Evolution Fusion in your practice.

Some of the approved treatments for the EVOLUTION FUSION LASER include these pain conditions:
o Temporary relief of muscle pain
o Temporary relief of joint pain
o Temporary relief of stiffness
o Relaxation of muscles
o Improved range of motion
o Temporary increase in local blood circulations
o Temporary relief of minor arthritis pain
o Temporary relief of muscle spasms

The Evolution Fusion is more affordable than other professional lasers that have less features. The Evolution Fusion low level laser was specifically designed to be easy to use, infinitely adjustable and effective for a full range of conditions. The Evolution Fusion Class 3B low level laser is based on our long term experience with therapy lasers combining the best features of all lasers . You can easily and conveniently perform non-invasive lipolaser fat reduction, beauty applications, smoking cessation, acupuncture, pain relief and more. Each system is designed for maximum effectiveness and long life. The Evolution Fusion incorporates 2 large pain treatment pads, each with 10 830nm200mW laser diodes, 10 large and 2 small treatment pads with high powered 635-650nm 160mW laser diodes. In addition, our two single IR probes, one that features a 200mw 830nm laser diode and one that feayures a 160mW 635-650nm laser diode makes precise treatment of single points easy and convenient. Our 10 diode cluster probe, an inexpensive option to the system, features 6 830 nm 200mW lasers and 4 635-650nm 160mW lasers, ideal for pain treatment as well as musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis. The Evolution Fusion laser operates at continuous wave and two pulsed frequencies, 146Hz and 20Hz. Each laser pad or probe can be adjusted individually from 0 power to full power. The Evolution Fusion features a responsive touch screen and a separate menu for control of the laser probes. Treatment time is adjustable on each setup screen. Independent IRB's are in place for Pain, LipoLaser and Smoking Cessation and more. An IRB participation fee is separate and paid directly to the IRB for the study or studies you wish to join.

Aliza Stone, M.D. presents her recent paper on the FDA cleared RelieveIR LED Pain Relief Device "FDA Cleared LED Pain Therapy Device for Home Use"

Our Scientific Article by Aliza Stone, M.D. on our Low Level Laser Inch Loss Lasers "An Analysis of Non-invasive Low Level Laser Therapy for Inch-Loss” 

Health and Beauty, Inc, The Healing Power and Energy of Light!


The wait is over! Our Unique and highly effective SL50 Evolution laser is now shipping and almost sold out already! Please purchase now so you won't be left out. We have limited stock because of the huge demand for the laser. visit BUY A SL50 EVOLUTION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2017 brings to the international market a host of revolutionary lasers including our all-new Evolution Fusion laser that does it all. LipoLaser, Pain, Smoking Cessation, Beauty and more! In stock and available for immediate delivery. Please call for more details. We are now qualifying exclusive distributors in select territories for our Evolution Fusion laser. We welcome three new exclusive distributors in our network, one for California, one in Texas and one for Ohio. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us.





Health and Beauty, Inc. is an exciting International based company established by dedicated medical professionals to thoroughly research, develop and implement the latest in non-invasive low level laser therapy technology. We have thousands of satisfied clients.
Since early times, man has known about light energy and its healing powers. Modern man has been able to capture and amplify the beneficial wavelengths of light and produce laser therapy devices that do not cut or burn but penetrate into the body producing a process called photobiostimulation. A laser therapy treatment has multiple effects on cells and can greatly enhance the body's natural healing and regenerative functions as well as stimulate acupuncture points, reduce waist and body size by non-invasive lipolaser treatment, accelerate wound healing, promote endorphin release, pain reduction, increase range of motion, boost collagen production and provide anti-aging and beauty solutions.

We are currently conducting clinical trials under IRB supervision for stop smoking with laser, loose inches with lipolaser and orther conditions. ,

We are expert in low level laser therapy and specialize in research and clinical trials, development of laser equipment, sales and training of clients on the safe and effective use of laser therapy equipment for both medical professionals and at home laser therapy devices such as the Beurer softlaser, our newly released softlaser plus and the SL50 Evolution. We are continually conducting clinical trials and developing new low level laser therapy devices based upon this ongoing clinical research. Our advanced engineering program supported by this clinical research aids in development of low level lasers that are more effective, easier to use and more economical to own.

Our range of services include manufacture, training and installation of laser therapy equipment, LLLT, cold laser therapy, stop smoking with laser therapy, pain control weight Loss and lipolaser, wound care, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, spider veins and other beauty treatments with low level laser therapy, laser hair comb and hair growth lasers for professional salons and home use, acne.

Remember, our Omega Laser Systems and laser therapy packages include on-site training and installation at your location along with complete protocols at no additional charge, a value of over $5,000 at no additional cost to you.

All our lasers carry a one-year warrantee backed up by our ongoing toll-free 800 number customer support even after the end of the warrantee period. We support our lasers for life and are always available to troubleshoot any issue that arises. We go overboard to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Stop Smoking has never been this easy with our Smoke Cessation program available to medical professionals and treatment centers. Click this text box to read the complete Clinical Study Here - Low Level Laser Therapy for the Stimulation of Acupoints for Smoking Cessation: A double Blind, Placebo Controlled Randomized

Trial and Semi-structured Interviews



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